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  • Billy Blind Farewell Gig

    Billy Blind Farewell Gig

    I first took photos of Hanwell’s finest rock band Billy Blind in 2017 when I was taking photos for the Hanwell Hootie. Their joy, their sheer energy, the loyalty of their fans, made them fun to take photos of, and great to talk to. For that reason I was sad to learn that the vagaries…

  • Dave Diamond’s Submersion

    Dave Diamond’s Submersion

    It’s been two years since I first met escapologist Dave Diamond. He was working on a new act, an escape from a water tank in full view of the audience. There are no curtains, the escapologist is in sight throughout the performance.  The tank had only just been completed, so I was asked to take promotional…

  • Dave Diamond’s Thames 1745

    Dave Diamond’s Thames 1745

    Just the other day I was writing about taking photos for Dave Diamond’s previous escapology show, Submersion. The reason, of course, for the reminiscence, was that I had been asked to take photos for his new act: Thames 1745.  Thames 1745 is the show for entertaining an audience of adults and children alike, we return you…