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  • Billy Blind Farewell Gig

    Billy Blind Farewell Gig

    I first took photos of Hanwell’s finest rock band Billy Blind in 2017 when I was taking photos for the Hanwell Hootie. Their joy, their sheer energy, the loyalty of their fans, made them fun to take photos of, and great to talk to. For that reason I was sad to learn that the vagaries…

  • Dave Diamond’s Submersion

    Dave Diamond’s Submersion

    It’s been two years since I first met escapologist Dave Diamond. He was working on a new act, an escape from a water tank in full view of the audience. There are no curtains, the escapologist is in sight throughout the performance.  The tank had only just been completed, so I was asked to take promotional…

  • Dave Diamond’s Thames 1745

    Dave Diamond’s Thames 1745

    Just the other day I was writing about taking photos for Dave Diamond’s previous escapology show, Submersion. The reason, of course, for the reminiscence, was that I had been asked to take photos for his new act: Thames 1745.  Thames 1745 is the show for entertaining an audience of adults and children alike, we return you…

  • Bloomin Wild Bridal Shoot

    Bloomin Wild Bridal Shoot

    This was a lovely shoot for Bloomin Wild florists, in association with Suzanne Harrington bespoke wedding dresses. It was especially a delight to work together with the delightful Bernadette Lemon!

  • Shipwrecks – Short Film BTS Shoot

    Shipwrecks – Short Film BTS Shoot

    One of my most enjoyable BTS shoots, primarily due to the people involved, was Shipwrecks. Written by and starring Hayley Wareham, 2017 BBC Writersroom alumni, theatre actor and playwright, this little short sadly still hasn’t seen the light of day. Directed by Will De Ritter, with Sharad Patel as DOP.

  • London Fashion Week February 2019

    London Fashion Week February 2019

    Twice a year, London Fashion Week returns to make a splash, with articles and reactions ranging from disinterest through curiosity all the way to fevered excitement. But there’s more to LFW than the catwalks, there are also some fantastic opportunities for street portraits. Outside the venues, focussed this year around 180 The Strand, there are…

  • Behind The Scenes of a Doctor Who fan film

    Behind The Scenes of a Doctor Who fan film

    It was great to shoot behind the scenes still for Doctor Who fan film Reverence of the Daleks, produced by Film on Film Entertainment. This was day three of a total of four days of shooting, and it was great to be able to shoot an actual dalek! View this post on Instagram…

  • Stylised Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot

    Stylised Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot

    While I love reportage and street photography, sometimes it’s nice to do a stylised shoot, and take the time to set up your lights and craft a narrative. Nam and his fiancé wanted quite stylised images to send to their friends and family ahead of their nuptials. While the wedding photos would be traditional, they…

  • Opal Rose to be shown in South West London Gallery

    Opal Rose to be shown in South West London Gallery

    I was thrilled to learn that my photo above of the lovely Opal Rose will be exhibited in gallery later this month. The location, date and launch event are still to be confirmed, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to show some of the other photos from the series. View this post on Instagram…

  • Pure London July 2017

    Pure London July 2017

    I always love going to a fashion event, especially a catwalk. The riot of colours and shapes and styles, the creative imagination on display; I loved them before I ever picked up a camera, all those many years ago. Pure London is always a great event; it might be primarily aimed at business-to-business interaction, there’s…