Dave Diamond’s Thames 1745

Just the other day I was writing about taking photos for Dave Diamond’s previous escapology show, Submersion. The reason, of course, for the reminiscence, was that I had been asked to take photos for his new act: Thames 1745. 

Thames 1745 is the show for entertaining an audience of adults and children alike, we return you to Kingston-upon-Thames, in the year 1745. Watch as the Landlady of the Queen’s Head is sentenced to the ducking stool for selling short measures and abusive language. Can she escape her fate?

This self contained show features contortion, pole and Cyr Wheel and finishes with a nail biting finale as a daring escapologist tries to find a way out from a tank of water!


It was great being back at the The Fire School, and taking photos of Dave and his co-performers, some of whom I’d worked with before in shooting cabaret.